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Yes, as usual it has been far too long since our last post! So much has happened and it’s all wonderful! The most recent news is that we have been traveling with Lukas to Los Angeles the last few months to try a new kind of therapy: Cuevas Medek Eercise (CME). We heard about this […]

Well, we officially took our first trip with the little bear.  In September, we went to Baltimore so that we could take Lukas to Kennedy Krieger Institute, where we were able to meet with specialists in many fields to get as much information as possible about how we can help Lukas.  While we were there, […]

Yes, as usual it has been far too long since the last post!  Since our last post, so much has happened, the most important of which is that Lukas turned 1 year old!!!  We had a fabulous time visiting the aquarium (he loves to look at the fish and the jellyfish), eating red velvet cupcakes […]

So, we decided to go ahead with the shunt surgery and it is scheduled for Friday, March 4 at 12:15 pm.  We weren’t expecting it to get scheduled so quickly, but it’s definitely better to get it done with.  The actual surgery will take about 45 minutes, but he will probably have to be in […]

Lukas has had a lot going on lately!  Today, he had his first few bites of baby food!  His speech therapist helped us to give it to him so that it was as successful as possible.  Lukas wasn’t quite sure what it was or what he was supposed to do with it, but he definitely […]

I know, it’s been far too long since our last update!  We spend so little time at home these days, that it’s been hard to find time to post.  Lukas has been having a tough time lately.  For about the past week, he’s often seemed quite uncomfortable when taking his bottle, arching his back and […]

So, it looks like Lukas may be able to come home next week!  He had his hearing test today and his car seat test yesterday, both of which went very well.  His nurse did the car seat test, however, and it turns out that it has to be done by a therapist, so we’ll have […]


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22 Jun 2010

While intubated we never heard Lukas’ voice. So, to hear him cry for the first time was quite a treat. Here is a video of Lukas crying (not sure what he is grumpy about…), as well as some pictures of Lukas and Mom. embedded by Embedded Video Download Video


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19 Jun 2010

A video of Lukas as promised. Be sure to turn your sound on so you can hear his little hiccups. embedded by Embedded Video Download Video

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