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Lukas has made huge progress over the past few days. Yesterday he came off the ventilator and is breathing just fine on his own. His swelling is way down and he looks like a normal baby again. Today he was fed from a bottle for the first time and he managed to eat about 8 […]

The meeting

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28 May 2010

Today we had a family meeting with Dr. Kuo, the attending at the NICU, Dr. Abbe, Lukas’ neurologist. Dr. Abbe went over the MRI and EEG results. The MRI shows that Lukas has grade 3 intraventricular hemorrhage on both sides of the brain and has global diffuse hypoxic ischemic injury. Essentially, he had bleeding on […]

Doing better

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26 May 2010

Lukas continues to improve.  He’s off of all the blood pressure medications now.  He’s also looking a bit less swollen and is producing more urine, which is great.  He’s even taking more of his own breaths, though still hooked up to the ventilator.  He’s having his MRI today and we’re meeting with all of his […]

Lukas is doing better. He is off of morphine and several other drugs as well as the cooling cap. They did an EEG today and will be doing an MRI tomorrow. We will most likely not have any results from those tests until Friday. He is still on a ventilator and several anti-seizure medications. He […]

Lukas has had a rough first day. He is still in the ICU and on a respirator. He has a cooling cap on his head in an attempt to slow down his system a bit to slow down the production of acid in his system. He is also having seizures, a side effect of oxygen […]

Family picture!

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12 May 2010

A picture of the whole family at week 25:

Ultrasound Week 22

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12 May 2010

This was the last ultrasound we had.  This time they were checking the heart to make sure it had developed properly.  Once again, everything was normal.  We got more pics and another video! Video: All curled up in a little baby ball!

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